About Us

established January 2008

About Us


We began in January 2008 as Napoleon Avenue Meat Market – an old fashioned meat market and grocery store with a breakfast and lunch service deli. Chef Troy enjoyed cooking cracklins and making boudin along with special cuts of quality meat but wanted to expand his horizon and step up to the next level. With a desire to share his passion for food and show what he could offer to his customers, a decision was made to jump headfirst into deep waters and open as Cafe Josephine.

Several customers over the years have asked "Who is Josephine?" and we simply explain that we don't have a Josephine. When we began discussing what the restaurant should be called, we thought – since we were located on Napoleon Avenue and Napoleon and Josephine had fallen in love, how appropriate to call the restaurant what it is known as today.

We began slowly introducing homemade specialty pizzas along with some Italian dishes at the beginning and continued to evolve by adding simple and unique dishes to the menu. Today we are thriving as a full service restaurant and catering operation to be proud of.

Chef Troy, along with his staff, uses the finest fresh ingredients and Louisiana seafood that he can acquire. We have been featured in several magazines and Chef Troy has participated in numerous cooking events, yielding many medals. He has also appeared on cooking shows.

Cafe Josephine still has a lot of history to make in the up and coming years. Come and join in on our passion – Food with Attitude.



This is how the story goes:

Many years ago while Troy was in the flooring business he had a vision of opening up a restaurant in a small, quaint town. He knew that he wanted to be set apart from any other restaurant in the area and continued working on exactly what that would look like. Chef Troy wanted simple but creative dishes to wow his customers. He wanted the menu to include fresh fish, Louisiana seafood and prime beef. He worked diligently for six months along with his wife Melissa creating a menu that would work – and changing that menu (as we change our menu in the spring and fall) many, many times until it was the right.

Chef Troy wants you to experience our laid back atmosphere and "Food with Attitude." He loves to interact with the diners as much as he can, getting feedback to find out if he needs to make adjustments or bring back a dish from the past that they are still drooling over.

At Cafe Josephine, our vision is clear – create simple, innovative dishes that wow! And they will continue to come.